Planning and Licensing

How to register to get e-notifications from the council
  1. Register online here
  2. Login to RBKC here: RBK login
  3. On the left hand column of the Welcome page, select ‘Email Notification Service’.
  4. On the Email Notification Service page, under ‘All Available Services’, find the Planning Applications box and click on ‘Subscribe’ at right.
  5. In the new window, under ‘Criteria’, click on ‘Street’ and then click on ‘Next Step’.
  6. In the new window, scroll down and ‘add’ the streets that interest you. Click on ‘Next Step’ and you will arrive at a window that confirms that you have successfully subscribed to the Planning Applications mailing list. You can also subscribe to licensing applications or parking suspensions near you.
How to object to a planning application:

The best way to object to a planning application is to write an email ( or a letter to the Council. When writing an objection to the planning application, it is important to do the following:

  1. Make sure that you write ‘objection’ in heading and provide the planning application reference number.
  2. State your full name and address.
  3. Send the document to the planning officer in charge of the specific application. His or her name can be found on the planning application under ‘Contact'.
  4. Look at the RBKC Local Plan on the website and relate your objections to specific parts of the Local plan for the area.
  5. Remember that subjective comments are ignored. Provide objective reasons that relate to Council policy, as laid out in “The Local Plan” (see below).
  6. Provide evidence in the form of photos, police reports, etc to support your claims.
  7. Submit your comments before the deadline which is found on the application.
  8. Keep your letter or email simple and brief. The planning officers are more likely to note a concise document which is easy to understand.
  9. You need at least three objections to get a hearing in front of the Planning Committee.
Material Planning Considerations (issues RBKC can consider)
  1. Loss of light
  2. Loss of privacy/increase in overlooking
  3. Design/appearance of a development
  4. Increase in smells (eg.from a proposed restaurant)
  5. Noise from equipment that forms part of the development (eg. air conditioning units or extractor flues)
Non Material Planning Considerations (issues RBKC cannot consider)
  1. Loss of property value
  2. Disruption and disturbance from building work
  3. Land ownership or issues affecting the party wall (these are dealt with under separate legislation)
How to object to a Licensing application:

The best way to object to an application is by filing objections on the RBKC Licensing website by completing the ‘Submit Representations Form’ on the licensing application. Applications are found or by writing a letter to the Council at: Licensing Team Council Office 37 Pembroke Road London W8 6P.
RBKC is responsible for licensing premises under the Licensing Act 2003. The Act sets out four licensing objectives (below), which the Council must promote when carrying out its licensing functions.

These are:

  1. The prevention of crime and disorder
  2. Public safety
  3. The prevention of public nuisance
  4. The protection of children from harm

You need to link your comments directly to these licensing objectives and or the Licensing Act itself. Referring to specific sections of the Act that pertain to your objection increases the likelihood that the Council will consider your email/letter.
To see the Licensing Act, look at the