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ONA Response to COVID-19, and Showing Thanks to Our NHS every Thursday Night
News  |  Mon - March 23, 2020 11:48
Clap for our carers
Clap for our carers
ONA members Trish Allmond and Sue Kumleben have reached out to the ONA Committee about helping each other during the pandemic.  In response, ONA has set up a community group to provide or give support:  this could be a phone call, some shopping, a magazine drop or advice.  All ideas are welcome that fit within the social distancing we must all observe.
If you want to volunteer, would like some support, or have an idea, contact us by emailing 

Our local councillors have asked us to spread the word about one way to applaud the NHS doctors, nurses and other key workers for their ongoing hard work to combat the virus, save lives and keep essential services going: every Thursday night at 8 pm, until further notice, open your windows and doors and #clapforourcarers.